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Postgraduate Opportunities

Studying at masters level

The course ME825 is part of the suite of courses of the Masters in Education programme.

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Studying at doctoral level

We welcome applications from anyone wishing to pursue full-time or part-time doctoral studies. Studentships open to full-time applicants of any nationality are sometimes available. Informal contact, preferably by email with CME is encouraged before any application is submitted.

To do a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education we expect our students to have completed an appropriate masters degree, typically a Masters in Education, with part of this study concerning mathematics education specifically. For more information on what such programme entails at the OU follow this link

Of course, structures of degrees can be different abroad, and we do allow alternative qualifications. We would still expect study at Masters level, with a sound grounding in qualitative methodology and some experience of researching mathematics classrooms.

To study at doctoral level we offer 2 options: a PhD and an EdD. The EdD is a structured taught course that takes three years to complete. Most of the students continue working in their ‘normal’ professions at the same time. The PhD is not taught, can be undertaken part-time or full-time and should be completed within eight years. Another criteria for acceptance on the doctoral programme is whether we think we have expertise in the areas you would like to research. Follow this link
for more information about the EdD programme.

For all our courses overseas study is possible – many of our students reside abroad. We have on-line discussion forums and the EdD course is mostly accessible on-line. Personal communications between supervisors and students happen in person, by email, Skype and through elluminate – an e-learning communication soft ware programme.

For enquiries regarding doctoral studies in mathematics education please contact barbara.allen @